• This is a suggested list to be taught over an 8 week period session.  Some exercises will be repeated during the year as new children join.  Repeat favorable exercises with experienced students teaching their peers as a strategy.

    Beginners: Breathing

    Posture – Correct all students every week until they learn “the actor position” – feet planted slightly apart and shoulders over feet.

        1. Sumo wrestler – Students should be able to bend knees and not fall over; breathe deeply (test by patting on the back if they move, they are not strongly breathing)
        2. Monkey can be used for students who do not know “Sumo” – a la Alexander technique (bring pictures or have on computer)
        • I am
        • I am a snow
        • I am a snowman melting
        • I am a snowman melting away (melting and sustained breathing to each phrase until they can say it in one breath). Teacher should check correct diaphragmatic breathing shoulders should not move (change to pumpkin at Halloween)
        1. Mummy made me mash my M&Ms – ascending and descending scale
        2. Ng Ah (breathing and soft palate together). Nin- jah works well too!

    CREATIVE VOWELS (This exercise helps teach inflection and emotional responses)

        • HH ooo (something good to eat)
        • HH Oh! (surprised)
        • HH aw! (a kitten or a puppy)
        • HH ay (someone has borrowed something without asking or taken your last slice of pie)
        • HH ee (excited – can’t wait for……….) have students fill in the event

    FRICATIVES (change out with P the second week)

        • BAH Boo (Halloween)
        • BAH Boh (balloon pops)
        • BAH Baw (oh no I broke it)
        • BAH Bay (Looking in the distance)

    Try Jazz chants book for teaching how to use intonation, pitch and inflection. Poems also good for acting out (Older students – 8-14):

  • My organs of articulation

    Were a definite vexation

    Until I said this silly rhyme

    Three times through!


        1. Start with a song the students know like chorus of “Firework” by Katy Perry, “Let it Go” from Frozen (Hum the song). Follow by echoing to different parts of the room talk into cases make them aware of how sound travels – as an actor they must know this.
        2. If students know the words, implement the lyrics and have them identify changes in voice. Students should sit and lay on the floor singing.
        3. Teach the inner smile for activating nasal and head resonance.

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