Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

1. I do not go to St. Joseph’s School during the year. Can I still attend Summer Camp?
Yes, absolutely you can attend! Summer Camp is open to ALL students entering grades 1-8.

2. Do you provide lunch?
Arts Alive does not provide snack or lunch. Campers must bring their bag lunch each day. We may have special treat days but meals are not provided.

3. What does my child need for camp?
We will send a full supply list before camp, but your child may need any or all of the following:
Ballet shoes, black jazz shoes, leggings, yoga mat, supplies box, guitar, ukulele, violin (instruments are available to rent)

4. Is this camp affiliated with the Catholic Church?
No. Arts Alive is not affiliated with any religious organization or practice. Religion is not taught during classes or camp.

5. My child will be missing from Camp for a week, is tuition prorated?
No, at this time, camp is a full day for 5 weeks building to the performance on the final day of camp.

6. If we miss a day or part of camp, will my child be omitted from the Final Performance?
No, with advanced notice we can allow all students to participate in the Final Performance. Lead roles must be present every day to be included in the play production.

7. Can we attend camp for half or a portion of the day?
If your child attends St. Joseph’s during the school year, then yes, he or she can do the afternoon for a set amount. Students not attending St. Joseph’s must attend camp for the full day from 9am to 3:15pm.

8. Is there a discount for multiple students?
Yes, a 10% discount is applied for two children and 15% for three children. 

9. Is my registration fee refundable?
No. Camp fills quickly and your registration fee is paid to secure a space for camp.

10. Does this registration fee go toward tuition?
Tuition is a separate fee.

11. What happens after I register and send in my registration fee?
A confirmation and invoice will be emailed to you within 5 business days.

12. How do I choose my classes?
Select your child’s preference from each “section” so that we can design your child’s schedule to the best of our ability.

13. When do I find out what my child’s schedule?
Arts Alive will send you your child’s schedule the week of June 13.

1. Watch your email inbox!

14. What are my extended care options?
All campers will complete a St. Joseph’s Daycare release form. If dropped off before 8:45am or picked up after 3:15pm, camper is signed into daycare for an extra fee. Fees will be released May.

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