— Weekly Letter —




Welcome and welcome to the start of a new year!  Please find preliminary information below for all Back to School events including Classroom ConnectionsBack to School Nights, and Session 1 general start dates.  If you are a first-time teaching artist with us, we will discuss the procedure and meaning of these at orientation on Aug. 21.

Action: Find your school (some schools are still TBA and teachers may change/switch) and begin adding these dates/times to your calendars.  Please indicate ON the sheet if you have an unmovable conflict.  We expect attendance from all teachers at their schools unless told otherwise.

— Back to School 2017-2018 —

— Lesson Plans —

The purpose of a lesson plan is not only to be a road map for a lesson, but it is also to refine your product, to advance our students, and to make sure we can issue a detailed plan to a substitute if you are unable to teach.  Every teacher MUST upload lesson plans 24 hours before class onto our ArtsAliveLessonPlans Google account (aka “server”).

Teachers will be trained on this during orientation.  You may send lesson plans by session, but may not replicate lesson plans from session to session.  Lesson plans must be submitted weekly and the contract states that pay will be deducted when properly formatted plans are not submitted.

If you need help with your plans, do not hesitate to ask!  We put them on a server and you should look at other teachers who might teach your subject to get ideas for layout.  Suggested preparation is 4 weeks at a time so you get a sequential arc to your teaching.