Enrolling with Arts Alive

If your child is enrolled in one of Arts Alive partner schools, we welcome enrollment from the appropriate grade and level through our online enrollment system, hard copy enrollment forms, or by phone.  Students are welcome to join us throughout the school year to advance their skills in the performing arts.  We also encourage families to enroll with the long-term in mind because the best results come with commitment and continuous exposure – and fun recitals too!

Contact Us

Arts Alive is open
Monday – Thursday: 10:00am to 2:00pm
Friday: 10:00am to 1:30pm
(310) 347-1075

We are always available by email at kingsandclowns@gmail.com.

Session Schedule and Class Dates

“Sessions” refer to enrollment periods.  A session will have one class per week for 5 to 8 weeks, depending on the school calendar.  Each school year will have approximately 5 sessions. 

  • Arts Alive applied official school calendar dates to schedule a session, as approved by the Principal.
  • If school is not in session, there is no Arts Alive class.
  • If the day schedule is minimum/early dismissal, Arts Alive will indicate on the enrollment form that class will be shifted up earlier into the day. E.g.  If school is dismissed at 12:30pm, the first level of an Arts Alive class will be held at 12:45pm.
  • If a class is unexpectedly canceled, Arts Alive will first try and reschedule the class and a session may be extended.

Enrollment Fees

After-School Classes

Enroll and re-enroll every 2 months. Every school year has approximately 5 sessions comprised of 5 to 8 classes.  Tuition varies depending on your school and subject.  Schools (Nativity LA, St. Columbkille and St. Joseph) enrolled into the auto debit program may sign up with us to enroll in a monthly deduction from a preferred account.  Contact us to register.

Group Programs

Band programs must commit to the academic/school year to enroll in a band program.  Tuition is a subsidized rate and is payable by the first week of every month.  Contact us to register your account information.

In-School Classes

Select partner schools with classes during the school day will either have their music classes free of charge or a small amount payable to the school.  Contact your school administration to inquire.

Enrolling Late

For your child’s safety, every roster is repeated for the first week of a new session.  We understand parents are busy.  Thus, if you wish to withdraw from a class after the end of a session, first re-consider!  Your child’s arts education is invaluable and we want to keep them in class.  If you still wish to withdraw, contact us to confirm that your child’s name has been removed from the roster.

Payment Terms

Tuition is due before the first class of every session.  The full session total must be paid in full whether or not all classes are attended.   Absences due to illness, appointments or vacation are non-refundable.  Your tuition payment for each session secures your spaces for the session.

Enrolling Between Sessions

Students may enroll between sessions, upon approval.  If an enrollment is completed online after the deadline, we cannot guarantee that your child will be picked up for class.  Please call the office to confirm that your enrollment will be processed.

Withdrawing After a Session

Students may not withdraw from a class during a current session.  If you wish to withdraw, please contact Arts Alive after the final class of a session.

Class Duration

Every class has a minimum of 5 students.  Each class that meets the minimum is scheduled for 55 minutes.  If a class enrollment drops below 5, each parent will be called and/or sent an email notification about a change or cancellation.

If a class is at 4, class duration will adjust to 45 minutes.  Tuition is not prorated if this occurs. If a class drops below 4, the class is subject to cancellation.

Thanks for checking in!